Innovative Workshops

Train the Trainer Certification (“Creating Training Miracles”)

Ree-Ytal Consultancy “Train the Trainer workshop” tailored for both new and experienced trainees who want to venture into training services. It will help trainees understand the finer points of being a trainer and understanding the role that they play in the larger scheme of the organization’s learning process

The Train the Trainer Certification workshop is Ree-Ytal signature program to train and certify its pool of trainers. Each trainer is taken through a series of interventions, assessments and practical exercises before the Train the Trainer certification is granted.

Having successfully driven train the Trainer workshops for several of its trainers who have then gone on to deliver programs and create positive change at the individual, team and organizational level, is now rolling out this program for the public.

Train the Trainer workshop is packed with new insights, advanced methods and multiple approaches to ensure that trainees have the upper hand when it comes to creating and delivering programs to an audience of any cross section or at any level in the hierarchy. The workshop includes thoroughly researched, practical and easy to use techniques. It is highly interactive and includes classroom sessions, group discussions, debates, audio-visual presentations, case studies, role-plays and games & so forth.

Our Train the Trainer course focuses on trainer training in the following areas:

  • Understanding learning styles
  • Understanding the training process
  • Assessing training needs
  • Design and development of the training program
  • Characteristics of Exceptional Trainers
  • Understanding Adult Learning Principles
  • Presentation Skills Training
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Trainers‟ Tools: Icebreakers, Energizers
  • Activities That Teach Effective Visual Aids
  • Dealing with hostility
  • Making a Great First Impression Better
  • Public Speaking and Presentation
  • Interactive Training Activity Management
  • Learning Fillers
  • An Understanding of Group Dynamics
  • The Ability to Identify Personal Issues
  • Handling Cynicism, Fear and Resistance
  • Personalizing the Work By Example
  • Creating a Dynamic Program
  • Creating Energy in The Training Room
  • Role-Play Management Skills
  • Using Your Personality as a Tool
  • Build training rapport and encourage participation
  • Identify training needs for corporate and institutions
  • Techniques to make teaching fun and exciting
  • Variety of communication techniques to encourage involvement

Voice & Accent Training Certification

Voice and Accent Training Certification focuses on Accent Neutralization and teaches the English Accent so that participants are able to speak with, as well as comprehend their international clients in a better way.This training in communication skills is an important part of our BPO Training.The Accent Training provided by Ree-Ytal Consultancy creates a noticeable difference in the clarity and comprehensibility of the communication of the participants. English Accent Training is of particular importance in BPO Training, a direct impact of globalization.

Voice &amsp; Accent neutralizationtraining helps to increase this aspect of communication which in turn positively impacts customer service.This program, in which the participants learn English pronunciation, is focused on eliminating the mother tongue influence and developing a neutral Voice & accent

The effectiveness in the program lies in the systematic approach to the training. The emphasis is placed on Phonetics and Intonation which are the two major areas that impact accent.

Below are listed some of the important components of the Voice and Accent Training workshop conducted:

  • Phonetics/ Neutral Accent/ Pronunciation
  • Speech Mechanism/ Mouth and Face Relaxation Exercises
  • Vowel Sounds/Consonants Sounds
  • Syllable and Syllable Stress / Word Stress
  • Sentence Stress in English
  • Thought Groups and Pause
  • Program Specific word drill with Sentences
  • Articulation Exercises/ Reading Passages

Psychological Skills Workshops

Psychological Skills Workshops (PSW) is an individually designed combination of methods selected to attain psychology skill needs. PSW designed to improve mental skills, such as self-confidence, motivation, the ability to relax under great pressure, and the ability to concentrate. PSW takes many forms, but each usually has three phases: Phase I, learn about the importance of psychological skills and how they affect performance; Phase II, learn about the strategies and techniques to improve the specific psychological skills that they require; and the Phase III, develop the psychological skills through repeated practice, simulations, and actual competition.

Psychological Skills Workshops Modules:

  • Positive Attitude Psychology
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Cognitive style Psychology
  • Mind Control Skills
  • Learning Skills
  • Passion Quotient
  • Perceptual Skills
  • Reinforcement Psychology
  • Intrinsic Motivation Psychology
  • Performance Enhancement Psychology
  • Behavioral Psychological Skills
  • Social Psychology Skills

Dermatoglyphic Multiple Intelligence Workshop

DMI (Dermatoglyphic Multiple Intelligence) technology, a unique & scientific method developed out of the analysis of fingerprint patterns. It helps parents, schools & corporate to identify the hidden talent of children and employees respectively; which enables them to choose the right career, right extra-curricular activities & right professional courses.D.M.I.T. has gained popularity in countries like USA, UK, Canada, Malaysia, China, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia and Singapore etc. The aim of the DMI workshop is to help each individual bloom to his / her full potential and spread the fragrance of unique abilities.

DMIT will reveal following parameters about the individual:

  • Left / Right Brain Bias
  • Inborn Intelligence Potential
  • The 9 Multiple Intelligences
  • Multiple Intelligence (M.I.) Distribution
  • IQ, EQ, AQ, CQ & SQ Quotients
  • Preferred Learning Style reading
  • Learning Sensitivity reading
  • Learning Communication Character observed
  • Activities based on MI
  • Career Selection based on MI
  • Department Selection based on MI
  • Individual Leadership Style
  • Individual Management Style
Myers-Briggs Workshop to Recognize and Maximize Diversity in the Workplace

Often “difference” in the workplace is seen as a challenge and this view presents fertile ground for conflict. The Myers Briggs workshop at Ree-Ytal Consultancy will focus on the use of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator as lens to view “difference” as strength and a tool for supervision, leadership development and team building. Content covered will include: Overview of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and its relationship to the accomplishment of administrative tasks and teamwork.

Multiple Intelligence Workshops

Multiple Intelligences Workshop (MI) at Ree-Ytal Consultancy introduces MI, and explores its uses with all students by exploring the research on classrooms that use MI. Helping teachers, students, and parents & professionals realize that there are multiple ways to learn and that they possess multiple types of intellectual strengths and life skills .Not only can MI increase confidence and enthusiasm for learning, it can also improve students’ academic achievement and change teachers’ perceptions of their students learning abilities – MI unveils academic strengths and honors alternative ways of learning, which can be highly helpful when educating all students.

Kinds of Multiple Intelligence:


Cognitive Behavior Therapy Workshops

The Core Curriculum has been developed by Ree-Ytal Consultancy to meet the needs who are eager to implement empirically-supported Cognitive behavior therapy into their practice and/or organization. The Core Curriculum is designed to raise the competency levels of trainees at all levels of experience (beginner to advanced) by providing training in the essential competencies categories. Workshop participants engage in experiential exercises, master new techniques, and are able to immediately integrate new skills and effective strategies into practice.The Core Curriculum is a series of three, 3-day workshops. These workshops cover fundamental to advanced skills and knowledge, and therefore, we recommend (but do not require) participants to attend the Core Curriculum workshops in sequential order (Core 1, Core 2, Core 3)