School Enrichment Programme

School Enrichment Programme

School Enrichment Programme is a means of ensuring that students improve their skills and enhance performance by focusing on their professional development. Administrators utilize training to acclimate new faculty, teach current faculty new skills, and to advance faculty into jobs requiring different skill sets. Whereas students push their limits, accept challenges, embrace change & get empowered to meet future with confidence, right attitude & commitment.

It helps to transform:-

  • Teacher into leader
  • Staff into superstar
  • Ordinary student into an extraordinary student
  • Student’s real capacities and true potentials.
  • Personal, social, and educational growth and adjustment.

School Enrichment Programme has two products:

  • Holistic Development Programme – IV to VIII Class
  • Career Development Programme – IX to XII Class

Holistic Development Programme

Ree-Ytal Consultancy provides an exclusive enrich “Holistic Development Programme” which aims to simultaneously address the physical, emotional, social, cognitive and spiritual aspects of a child’s life. Holistic Developmentprogramme incorporate a variety of approaches to help educate and grow children into healthy and sustainable adults.

Need of Holistic Development Programme

In India, more than 12,000 children commit suicide every year due to exam related stress. Parental and peer pressure are prime causes for such high number of suicides. We urge parents to not only love their child, but also understand them better”

Ree-Ytal Consultancy can provide crucial inputs for student holistic development.It helps you understand the behavioral characteristics & communication needs of your child...! This goes a long way in reducing stress in children...!

Objective Of Holistic Development Programme

  • Explore child development in relation to physical, cognitive, language, social, emotional, spiritual and moral development.
  • To discuss environmental and biological influences and child development.
  • To identify activities that promote physical cognitive, social, emotional and moral development.

Career Development Programme

Ree-Ytal Consultancy “Career Development Programme”is a significant component of a school organization. This programme helps the senior school students to learn about themselves as they participate in career development activities. CDP gives an understanding to the students the importance of their potential, attribute, personality, talents, interest, expectation, resource, strength and weakness while choosing a course for a right career at the right time for a bright future.

The objective of Ree-Ytal CDP is to bring a career awareness campaign among the students, parents and teachers at the secondary and senior secondary education. Students can benefit from CDP as part of an education and career planning guide.

For most students stream choice after 10th and a course after 12th is a matter of chance, social pressure, and largely determined by academic performance and not by scientific choice. Students are mainly illusion with 3 to 4 careers like Medicine, Engineering, CA/CS, or Management. Career development programmewill cover introduction to career planning, myths on career counseling, effective career planning bye understanding aptitude, personality, interests and abilities.

Componenet of Career Dvelopment Programme

  • Career Seminars
  • Career Assessment & Testing Services
  • Career Assessment Report
  • Career Counseling Sessions
  • Career Workshops

Unveil the uniqueness of your Child with Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence

DMI (Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence) technology, a unique & scientific method developed out of the analysis of fingerprint patterns. D.M.I.T reveals a person Inborn Abilities, Learning Sensitivity, Multiple Intelligence Distribution, Learning Styles, Left /Right brain bias and Communication character etc. It helps children switch on the best in them by guiding them in doing what they love to do, actualizing their potential, and making them happy children who will grow up to be quality adults.D.M.I.T. has gained popularity in countries like Canada, UK, Malaysia, China, Dubai, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia and Singapore etc.

DMIT will reveal following parameters about your child:

  • Left / Right Brain Bias
  • Inborn Intelligence Potential
  • The 9 Multiple Intelligences
  • Multiple Intelligence (M.I.) Distribution
  • Split M.I. readings
  • Preferred Learning
  • Learning Sensitivity reading
  • Learning Communication Character observed
  • Activities based on MI
  • Career Selection based on MI
  • Department Selection based on MI

Introduction to DMIT services


Toddlers (age 1-4):

From birth through about age three there are vast numbers of connections and collections being recorded in the brain. Benefits of DMIT: Knowing a toddler’s potentials at an early age help parents make decisions on parenting styles and educational methods and it also help them to choose the right school & right directions for the little ones. This is the time when you can alter their inborn intelligences and improve the weaker intelligences.

Children (age 4-16):

From age three through twelve the brain begins to prune the excessive synapses in an attempt to get organized and eliminate what is not necessary. Benefits of DMIT: At this age, Children are curious to learn and they can absorb more than they will when they grow older. Discovering their learning styles and areas of intelligences at this age gives a clue on what courses and activities they should spend more time on.


  • Understand your child’s natural character traits
  • Identify best learning style for him/her
  • Identify his/her innate talents and weaknesses
  • Tailor-make your child’s learning programs
  • Improve the relationship between parents and children.


  • Subject and educational stream selection
  • Reduce time, money, effort wasted over irrelevant course & classes
  • Use the right parenting/teaching method on your child
  • Develop children’s confidence
  • A stress-free childhood for children


  • Understand your student’s natural character traits.
  • Identify student’s innate talents and weaknesses.
  • Tailor-make your student’s learning programs & teaching methods.
  • Maintain Classroom division as per student’s learning sensitivity.

Note: The assessment packages shall be administered according to the need & requirement of the client organization.

Online Questionnaire

  • 1. Is your child more “Intelligent” than you can comprehend?
  • 2. Does your child learn better by “Hearing”, “Seeing” or “Doing”?
  • 3. Is your child “Logical” or “creative”?
  • 4. Is your child better at “Planning” or “Execution”?
  • 5. Is your child a “Quick or a Slow Learner”?
  • 6. Does your child have a special talent you don’t nurture?

Can’t find answers!!!!

And you thought you know your child very well DO YOU?